Teeth Whitening

New Brilliance for Your Smile at Our Colorado Springs, CO Dental Office

If you eat or drink, there is no way to avoid teeth stains altogether. While avoiding certain substances like tea, coffee, tobacco, and berries can help, stains will still accumulate over time. Unfortunately, teeth stains can make you appear older than you truly are and detract from your overall appearance.

However, we have the answer at Blue Springs Family Dental with professional teeth whitening treatments. Our treatments are only available to dentists and are stronger and more effective than the products you can buy at the grocery store. Plus, you’ll benefit from Dr. Coughlin’s expert advice on how to maintain your whitening results for as long as possible.

Teeth whitening at Blue Springs Family Dental is available as a standalone treatment or combined with other cosmetic dental procedures in a smile makeover. Get in touch with us today at (719) 394-3444 to schedule your appointment.

We accept financing with GreenSky and CareCredit. We also offer an in-house discount plan.
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