Partial Dentures

Teeth Replacement Without Surgery in Colorado Springs, CO

Partial dentures in our Colorado Springs dental officePartial dentures can be an excellent choice for teeth replacement without surgery. However, you need a dentist with experience and education in the specifics of dentures and restorative dentistry to make sure your dentures fit well and last for years.

Dr. Coughlin meets these requirements and has helped a multitude of patients with their partial denture needs. Our dental practice provides a total suite of denture services, including metal-free partials and other tooth replacement options.

Contact us at (719) 394-3444 today to schedule your visit for partial dentures. Your comfort and satisfaction come first at Blue Springs Family Dental, and we can personalize a restorative dentistry plan just for you.

We accept financing with GreenSky and CareCredit. We also offer an in-house discount plan.
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