Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Get Straighter Teeth in Colorado Springs, CO Without Metal or Braces

Orthodontics at our Colorado Springs dental officeIt is extremely rare to have teeth that are perfectly straight without orthodontic correction, so almost everyone can benefit from braces. However, conventional braces can be expensive and a hassle. Not to mention, metal braces aren’t exactly attractive.

We solve these issues at Blue Springs Family Dental by providing clear orthodontic aligners. These transparent aligners are free of metal, wires, and brackets. Also, they are removable so that you can eat, brush, and floss with ease.

Unlike braces, our custom aligners are inconspicuous and discreet. You can have straighter teeth without ruining your look.

If you’re interested in cost-effective, convenient orthodontic correction for your child or yourself, please call (719) 394-3444 and talk with our experienced team about clear aligners.

We accept financing with GreenSky and CareCredit. We also offer an in-house discount plan.
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