Dental Sealants

Preventive Dentistry in Colorado Springs, CO

Preventive dental care in our Colorado Springs dental officeA protective coating is one of the best ways to safeguard surfaces against corrosion. This concept holds true for wood, steel, concrete – and your teeth. Dental sealants are polymer coatings that protect your teeth against the effects of bacteria. When applied to the molars, sealants prevent cavities and potentially painful decay as well as helping you to avoid the need for future, possibly costly, treatment.

Why the Molars?

Dr. Coughlin places sealants on your molars, the teeth at the very back of your mouth, because your molars are quite prone to decay. These teeth are hard to reach during your daily oral care, and they contain many deep grooves, ideal places for harmful bacteria to hide.

Are Sealants Only for Kids?

While sealants are especially important to shield children’s teeth, adults can also benefit from the protection. Kids should first have sealants in the early years of elementary school, but sealants can be helpful for adults of any age. Please call our office at (719) 394-3444 for more information about this completely painless preventative procedure for yourself or your children.

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